As a leader, you create your culture through the behaviors you model, and through the behaviors you tolerate in yourself and others. Success Culture™ is a complete method for transforming your culture—intentionally, versus accidentally. The promise? You will improve measurable business results with Success Culture™.

Today’s environment challenges leaders and their teams to meet incredible demands for speed and decisiveness. There is less and less time for people to consider or consult with others. Your team must be ready to make the right decisions quickly... by instinct. How can you cultivate the right instincts in your people? Support them with Success Culture™, and they will excel automatically—instinctively.

Traditional management skills training is important, yet no longer sufficient to meet today’s challenges. Today’s leaders need training, coaching, and practice in self-awareness and emotionally-literate communication. They must master the dynamics of individual and group behavior, so they can identify and remove stubborn, non-obvious obstacles to achievement.

The new competitive edge lies in having a culture that unleashes individual leadership, creativity, accountability and personal responsibility. The Planned Success Institute exists to provide you and your team with the training and support necessary to create that competitive advantage.

I look forward to working with you.

Rich Caldwell
mentor + facilitator